A laugh-out-loud comedy TV series about three grown men who live in a studio apartment in Brooklyn that is owned by one of the guy’s manic mom. Their monthly scramble for rent money and the fact that they sleep and eat in the same room binds them as allies on a common quest to ‘make it.’

*Homies is formated for Network TV. Each episode is approximately 26 minutes. Currently seeking for distribution. 

Pilot Episode: When Mrs. T , Jesse’s mom/ landlord unexpectedly raises the rent, he and his roommate Marion have two weeks to find a third roommate or move out. Their only leads are a dominatrix and her sub, a host of Jehovah Witnesses, and Jesse’s childhood nemesis, causing them to resort to desperate measures.  

Episode 2- The Best Design: The guys’ friend, Julia, is asked to design a wedding, but becomes overwhelmed with the job, Marion offers to help. Marion enlists the neighborhood bum, Ernie, to create and execute the design at a very affordable rate.

Episode 3- The Burglary: Jesse is harassed by children who sell cookies in his bar. The guys’ apartment is robbed…of everything. After a failed investigation by the cops, Mrs.T takes matters into her own hands to find the culprit.

Brooklyn Restaurant and Bar

A dark, comedic TV series that is a ‘tell-all’ about making it in the restaurant industry. When Mara is caught stealing from the Chinese Mafia Boss (her maybe-father), she is punished by being put in charge of his failing restaurant in which she has five years to turn the restaurant into a profitable business or die. As she takes a blind stab at the restaurant industry, Mara hires a staff of misfits, forming the dysfunctional family she never had.


*Brooklyn Restaurant and Bar is formated for Network TV. Each episode is approximately 26 minutes. Currently seeking for distribution. 


Pilot Episode- The Ultimatum: Mara quits her hair salon job to run the restaurant. She enlists her friend Phoebe as the manager, who is just as clueless as she. Cato a low level member of the mafia is tasked with supervising Mara 24/7 so that she doesn’t steal again. Together the two women and Cato begin their search for employees for the restaurant.


Episode 2- The Menu Tasting: Bruce Leigh the Chinese mafia boss requires Mara to put chicken wings and french fries on her menu. Chef Paul and Belial the bartender create new drinks and dishes. 


Episode 3- Team Spirit: Cato wins a contest that gets the restaurant on TV. Mara and Phoebe force the staff to do mandatory team building before they can appear on TV. 

The Speech

An illiterate, dyslexic man who learns how to read and write in order to deliver a speech for his daughter’s graduation. 10’min


*This short is a proof of concept video. The Speech is a full length feature film contact us for more information and producing opportunities. 



A man confronts his wife after a tough diagnosis. 8’min